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Monday, November 17, 2008

Perak Food -Kan Pua Noodles @ Kg Koh Sitiawan

Another own specialty of Sitiawan would be their Kan Pua Noodles which is similar to our Wan Tan Noodles.

About Wan Tan

Wan Tan Noodles is a Cantonese Noodles dish. The noodles dish is served with roasted pork (char siew) and wan tan/ won ton which is a minced pork/prawns dumplings. This noodles dish are normally serve in soup, but you can opt for the dry version where the bowl of wan tan soup is served seperately.

Kan Pua Noodles @ Kg Koh, opposite Petronas
A plate of noodles with traces of dark soy sauce gravy. The noodles are cooked with care to avoid over cooking and the texture of the firm noodles are definitely telling you that it is a freshly hand made top quality noodles.

The noodles are done just nice and springy and is topped with roasted pork. Add on sambal's provided if you like it to be spicy.

Wan Tan Soup
We ordered a bowl of wan tan soup (pork dumplings) and the wan tan were delicous. Not too much of pork but well marinated and wrap with thin wan tan skin.The wan tans are slippery and can be simply slurped down. Deliciuos!

Almost all of the chinese coffee shop in Sitiawan serve Kan Pua Noodles. I personally think this is one of the good one as I have tried a few different stalls earlier.Do try!!

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