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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Seafood @ Restoran FFS (九月天 海鲜饭店)

I visited this restaurant for quite a few times and decided to post it at once or else there will be too many photos in a post. Restaurant FFS (九月天 海鲜饭店) is famous with their steamed herbal kampung chicken and also seafood servings. I guess it is the house specialties that attracts people to dine in, so be early if you want to visit Restaurant FFS.

Restaurant FFS @ Happy Garden, Kuchai Lama

Steamed Crab @ RM 40.00
For delicious seafood servings, it is always better to go for the steamed cooking style. Freshly steamed with ginger, portion of Shao Xing Wine and egg whites. The classic and simple cooking style enhanced the flavor of the crabs.

Prawns in Claypot-Indonesian Style @ RM 25.00
An authentic Indonesian style curry prawns cooked in claypot. The curry is spicy with slight taste of herbs that blends perfectly with the sweet and succulent prawns.

Steamed Salty Kampung Chicken @ RM 18.00
Ahhh...I didn't manage to try their steamed herbal kampung chicken. It's always sold out. But, this is considered a good one too. This dish/ the steamed chicken are served in two sizes only. Half a chicken or whole chicken. I will definitely be back to try the famous herbal version.

Zor Zhong Chicken (左宗鸡)
Besides the steamed herbal chicken, this is another house specilities of restaurant FFS. Stir fried chicken with tomato sauce served with a crackers (bowl shape) and salad. According to them, this particular dish is named after an ancient Chinese warrior, Zuo Zhong Shang(左宗棠). I don't know who is this, all I know , this dish is indifferent.

Mixed Vegetables with pork slice @ RM 8.00
Coffee Bone @ RM 10.00
Out of curiosity, we ordered this coffee bone dish(pork rib). Thought of trying something new. Wow...pork ribs cooked with coffee. It so happened that the owner of the restaurant served this dish to us, upon my first bite, I questioned him.

LS : What's the name of this dish again?
Owner: Coffee Bone (in cantonese)
LS : Why isn't there any coffee taste?
(Owner asked the chef, why no coffee taste?)

Chef :
LS : ( no answer! -okay, I know sometimes the name of the dish is not always the cooking style of it!)

Anyway, the so called coffee bone pork rib were sweet and tasty. Delicious!

Pork bellies with salted fish in Claypot @ RM 12.00
This dish is flavorsome! The taste of the salted fish coated the pork bellies evenly! It's not easy to find a restaurant that serves delicious pork bellies with salted fish, and I found one!

Menu of Restaurant FFS
There are more attractive names in their menu. It's writen in Chinese, and I can read most of it, not bad huh!! I guess, it's always better to ask before ordering! Anyway, I bet foods served in Restaurant FFS is par for the course.

Restoran FFS

547, Jalang Riang 11,
Happy Garden, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 7981 6155
Fax: 03-7981 3755

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