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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yong Tau Foo @ Fatty Mok Hakka Yong Tau Foo

Mr. Yong Tau Foo invented this dish, that is why it is named Yong Tau Foo!! Okay... no such thing, I know this is not funny. It's just a lame joke

About Yong Tau Foo

Yong Tau Foo/Yong Tao Foo/Yong Tau Hu/ Yong Tau Fu is a HAKKA dish. Originally, it begins with tofu stuffed with meat paste of fish/pork and this is how the name of Yong Tao Foo was created! It means stuffed bean curd.

Yong Tao Foo is served in clear soup containing varieties of food items like ladies fingers, chillies, bitter gourd filled with fish paste. Even fried dumplings and fish balls is serve together as well. It's is sometimes eaten with rice or served with noodles.

Fatty Mok Hakka Yong Tao Foo @ Salak Selatan/South
Another eatery that I wanted to visit for quite sometime which is located at Salak Selatan, a place with many nice food. It's difficult to find parking at this area especially in the morning.

Yong Tao Foo @ RM 0.90 per piece
Crispy and crunchy with tasty and fresh fish paste filling. But, the size of the Yong Tao Foo is too small.

Dried Fried Meat Noodles @ RM 4.80
An unique noodle dish that goes along with the Yong Tao Foo served. This noodle dish is good!! Although the preparation and presentation of this noodle is simple but the bowl of noodles itself looks inviting.

By the way, consider not to order their Fish Ball Vermicelli Soup, the fish ball is springy but the vermicelli tasted weird.

AS-27, Jalan Hang Tuah 3,
Salak South Garden,
57100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7981 4888

( web page is in Chinese )

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