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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ko Hyang 故鄉 Korean Country Delights @ The Gardens Mid Valley City

"What's for lunch? What's for dinner?
"I don't know, you decide.... "

"No! I have no idea", you decide..."
and the question goes round and round.....

How about Korean food?

Okay, SET!

At Ko Hyang 故鄉 you can enjoy appetizing Korean cuisine at cheap/reasonable price. Ko Hyang 故鄉 Korean Country Delights serves simple country style home cooked Korean dishes.

Ko Hyang 故鄉 Korean Country Delights @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

Bi Bim Bap @ RM 15.90
Bi Bim Bap literally means mixed rice. It's a popular korean cuisine- a bowl of white rice served with namul (various sauteed vegetables) and gochujang (chilli pepper sauce) and topped chicken/beef and fried egg.

Toss.. toss.. toss... GET SET.... GO!! Yummy.. yummy..

Bi Bim Kuk Su @ RM 12.50
Also known as Bi Bim Guk Su / goldong myeon is a cold sweet and spicy noodle dish. Spice loving people like me loves Bi Bim Kuk Su. Thin wheat flour noodles seasoned with red pepper powder, chilli pepper sauce flavored with vinegar, sugar and sesame oil. Appetizing!

Dak Bokem @ RM 16.90
Dak Bokem,stir fried spicily marinated chicken with vegetables and rice. Love the sweet, hot spicy taste- flavorsome & appealing!

At Ko Hyang, rice served are rice cooked with black glutinous rice- a little sticky but aromatic.

Kim Chi Ji Kye @ RM 14.90
Kim Chi Ji Kye/Kim Chi Ji Gae a Kim Chi stew served with rice. I was expecting richer and thicker broth but result was contrariwise. I guess the Kim Chi used are fermented not long enough, soup is not too spicy and flavorful. Not bad.. not too good either ( comment is based on my own preference)

Sun Du Bu Ji Kye @ RM 14.90
It's my all time favorite!! There is another place that I revisited again and again for their Sun DU Bu Ji Kye- will post about it next time!

Sun Du Bu Ji Kye/ Sun Du Bu Ji Gae, another well known Korean stew is prepared with dubu (tofu), seafood, vegetables and gochujang with other ingredients. A raw egg is added into the bubbling broth that heightens the richness of the stew.

Ko Hyang 故鄉 definitely has a tantalizing story of Korean Country Delights to lust after! By the way, it's HALAL!


Ko Hyang 故鄉 Korean Country Delights
LG-K 05, Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens, Mid Valley City
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Other outlets: Sunway Pyramid


nan ❤❤ said...

hye, are sure this place is HALAL?
is there any tag of HALAL?

i love reading ur blog...about food!

amisya said...

thanks for sharing..
i just curious about the HALAL status.
is that true?i try to search for it but i found that some said it's non-halal and some said that it is..i love korean food but i'm very concern about the halal status..

Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

sarah said...

I really love sun du bu and i wanna try at ko hyang. are you sure, it is halal?

LS said...

Dear all, so sorry that I have left the comments unattended. Didn't realize that I have actually change the settings.

Amisya- yes it's halal =)
Anonymous- What's ur link?
Sarah- Hi.. it's halal...

Have A Great Day everyone..

Evie said...

Hi, really enjoyed your post + nice pictures of the food! I first had sundubu in Tokyo, it was in a place called Tokyo Sundub. REALLY amazing sundub! And you can choose the level of spiciness, type of base soup etc etc...and u can add cheese in it too mmm...if u happen to go there, do drop by 'coz it's really nice :)

LS said...

Thanks for the sharing Evie!! I love Sundubu too!! :)