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Monday, May 17, 2010

RIVERINE COFFEEHOUSE @ Lorong Hang Jebat, Melaka

Malaysian palate is unique! Malaysia, a country with 13 states and diverse nation has it's own identity for food.

Different cuisine/food epitomized the beauty of each state. As for The Historical State, besides satay celup and chicken rice balls, the Peranakans (Nyonya) cuisine symbolizes Malacca.

And it's definitely a must to savor Nyonya cuisine if you are in Malacca. One can easily find Nyonya cusine at Jonker walk, and if you don't like the crowd.... here is another suggestion for you!

A calming coffeehouse with an antique theme and minimalist interior.

Commando Chips @ RM 8.50
What's commando chips? Chips prepared by the commando of a military- Of course not!
Perhaps the dish is named for it's "Uumph"! Just like a commando!

In fact, it's a great plate of snack! Stir frying french fries with crunchy anchovies, peanuts, onions, lime juice and chilly paste.

The sweet,saltish, spicy and and savory combination definitely teases one's taste bud!

Riverine Nyonya Laksa @ RM 4.50
Noodles with thick and spicy coconut gravy served with eggs, fish cakes and chilli paste.

Mee Goreng @ RM 4.50
The best try of the day! A perfect plate of spicy fried noodles with crunchy bean sprouts!

Bee Hoon Siam @ RM 4.50
Mee Siam or Bee Hoon Siam is NOT one of the Nyonya cuisine- this sweet sourish fried vermicelli dish originated from Siam- Thai. Mee siam has been adopted by most of the races in Malaysia and Singapore, hence there are a few different version of Mee Siam- fried version, indian version, malay style version.

At Riverine Coffeehouse, they served the fried version instead of the traditional mee siam. I Personally prefer the traditional version, fried spicy vermicelli served with sweet and sourish tamarind sauce. I guess Mag ( my sister in law) prefers the traditional version as well.

Mama Mollys Chicken Chop @ RM 15.50
Riverine Coffeehouse serves western food as well. Mama Mollys Chicken Chop- deep fried chicken thigh served with sauce. Suggest to try the local delights instead of chicken chop or western food!

The coffeehouse is located along the Malacca river with a perfect view of Venice of the East! They serves not only authentic Nyonya cuisine but also Hainanese Colonial Food as well as western food. It's Also a good place for a beer or two!

Apologies May, I delayed the post......

For more pictures:!/album.php?aid=176951&id=332519773165&ref=mf

For more info:


No 108, Lorong Hang Jebat (1st Cross street)
Malacca 75200

Tel: +606- 281 2685

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