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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Seaview Restaurant @ Parit Jawa (巴冬) Muar, Johor

Trip to Singapore was canceled and we went to PATONG!

No, not the Patong Beach in Phuket but the Patong Village in Muar, Johor- Malaysia. And yes, food enthusiasts travel kilometers just for lunch!. Our journey was about an hour drive from Malacca down due to heavy down pour.

Parit Jawa also known as 巴冬海口 is a small town located in Muar District. A fishing village which is famous for it's delicious asam pedas and fresh seafood.

Restaurant Seaview would be one of the food enthusiast favorite!

Restaurant Seaview (Straitview) @ Parit Jawa (巴冬) Muar, Johor

Asam Pedas Fish Head @ RM 22.50
The taste is different with Asam Pedas we can find in Malacca Town. It's a lighter version- sourish and spicy tamarind soup. Everyone's busy slurping the spicy tamarind soup with the fresh fish head.

Otak otak @ RM 10.00
A highly pleasing dish.
Otak otak
A soft and squishy cake made of seafood (fish/prawns) with mixture of coconut milk and spices.And that's how the name derived from- soft and squishy just like a brain. Brain is known as otak in Malay. Am not particularly sure is this is true- found it by googling.
What I have known all this while - Muar, Johor- is the famous for it's delicious otak otak! Definitely a "must try" if you happens to be in Muar!

Spicy squids & prawns @ RM 15.50
An perfect plate of fried seafood. Fresh and succulent squids with juicy prawns fried with aromatic super spicy chilly paste. This is so appealing!

Fried kangkung @ RM 5.00
The most common vegetable dish among Malaysians. Out of words to describe, just that vegetable dish is definitely a must!

Bomb @ RM 2.50
It's actually deep fried egg known as 炸蛋. Sounds like 炸弹 (bomb)

Parit Jawa (巴冬) Muar, Johor, a haven for delicous seafood, especially asam pedas. Though the village comprises only few small streets it's worth a visit!

Will I return for more? Yes of course!

Seaview (Straitview) Restaurant
麻坡巴冬海口驼名亚参辣椒鱼 ( referred this from their receipt)
PKA 52-A, Parit Jawa Pantai
84150 Parit Jawa
Muar Johor
Tel: 06- 9875388
H/P: 017- 659 2663/ 013- 630 1777
Rest day: Every Monday (except Public Holiday)

Facebook Link: 海景亚参鱼餐室

For more photos: Lushia's Food Blog- Parit Jawa Photos


Anonymous said...

This is the original Asam Fish Restaurant since 70' invented by Mr. Law Kia Moi. In 90', a lot of people copy and doing Asam fish in Parit Jawa, Muar and Melaka area. But still love the Original, Original still Original!!!

LS said...

Thanks for sharing :)

Johor Kaki said...

That thick juicy otak looks enticing ;D

LS said...

It is in fact, very good JK! :)Do make a trip there!

Norman Gerard said...

I found it yesterday. Had dinner there and returned today morning for breakfast. Its superb!

Norman Gerard said...

I found it yesterday and took my dinner there. I also returned to take breakfast there. Superb food!