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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Restaurant TeoChew House of Tim Sum

Who hasn't spend a relaxing Sunday morning at their favorite Chinese restaurant sipping tea and feasting on numerous delicacies of Chinese Dim Sum? SO, my aunt's family is here and I brought them to Restaurant Teo Chew House of Tim Sum for breakfast....Why did I choose here? Well, it's because of the location actually... and this is my first visit too.

Restaurant Teo Chew House of Tim Sum

Preparing Porridge- Various types of porridge

Roasted pork (siu yuk) counter

About dim sum
Originally, dim sum begins with the custom of yum cha (drink tea) by the Cantonese. In the olden days, travelers of the ancient Silk Road will stop by rest houses for nap and tea. Hence tea houses were built along the road and most tea houses serves light dishes which is currently known as dim sum.

Therefore dim sum is the name of the Chinese cuisine where numerous number of light dishes is served alongside with Chinese tea. However, dim sum served in the modern days are no longer light as described, due to the development of the culinary of art of dim sum.

Some of our orders- Not much pics taken, you know, their hands after faster than mine~lol~

Dim Sum- Chinese pastries and fried dim sum

Dim Sum- Chinese fried dim sum

Dim Sum- Steamed types

Restaurant Teo Chew serves varieties of dim sum and you probably might feel like trying everything. Dishes varied from steamed to deep fried dim sum, rice rolls, porridge,baos and even soup. Name it, and they have it! Char siu bao, shrimp dumplings with translucent skin, wu kok, mini spring rolls, siu mai, sui gow, chicken feet and lots more. Finally, the desserts like pudding and tarts. And after enjoying numerous types of's time to yum cha!

Walked in any of house of dim sum, and you will probably need to browse through the menu to place an order. In Restaurant Teo Chew, the dim sums are served using the traditional style which is the cart system. The waiters and waitresses push around the carts and stop by at your table. Pick your choice and they will them steam the dim sum for you (only the steamed types) where food is served in steamer baskets.

Well, I will be back to try more of it's dim sum next round!

No0. 270 & 272, Jalan Changkat Tamby Dollah,
Off Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia 55100
Tel : 03-2141 4704
Fax: 03-2141 6572

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