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Monday, December 8, 2008

Perak Food -Hong Tho Restaurant @ Old Town, Ipoh

So... this is our last stop and we will be heading back to KL then. Hong Tho Restaurant is a restaurant which is famous with their various fried noodles and fish paste. A restaurant which is also featured in our local TV program The main reason I wanted to visit this restaurant is for their fish paste. I used to be so fond of it and even until my last visit, it is still as good as before!

3.00 p.m

Hong Tho Restaurant @ Old Town, Ipoh

Fried Fish Paste
My favorite fried fish paste served with chilli sauce by Hong Tho Restaurant. Obviously they are not stingy with the portion of fish paste wrapped inside. The fish paste were springy and tasted well with slight seasoning. Gosh!! Am craving for it now.........

Hong Tho Noodles
Am not sure if I had tried this to ask my friends. This is the signature noodle dish of Hong Tho restaurant. The noodles are served with small portion of seafood and topped with crunched ikan bilis. You may add vinegar if it is to you liking. As for me, this noodle dish is just so-so...nothing to shout about.

As far as I am aware of, this restaurant used to be famous with their fried noodles, fish paste and homemade pastries and cookies.

Hong Tho Restaurant
20 Jalan Bandar Timah,
30000 Ipoh
Tel: 05- 2549 673

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