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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Breakfast @ Subway

I find it rather interesting to know more about the background of some food outlets. Each time after a visit of an eatery, I would do some details finding. So here is another fast food restaurant that I know more in depth now.
I have always wanted to try the breakfast by Subway, unfortunately they serve breakfast only from 9 am- 11 am. One fine Saturday, I drove to the nearest Subway at my area and reached there at 11.05 am. " NO, we don't serve breakfast after 11 am sharp"

Since, it's almost noon......... I had my brunch at Subway then.

About Subway

Subway restaurants is also a fast food restaurant that sells sandwiches owned by Doctor's Associates. The founder of Subway are Fred De Luca and Peter Buck in 1965. Fred De Luca borrowed money from family friend Peter Buck to start his sandwich shop in 1965 to raise money for his college fees. The business turned out to be a successful one. As at October 2008, Subway has over 30,016 franchised units in 88 countries.

Subway's main product is the submarine sandwich.

Brunch @ Subway

At Subway, place your order with 6 easy steps:

1) Which Sub?
Classics, Basics, Local Favorites
2) Which Bread?
Italian, Wheat Parmesan, Oregano
3) 6-inch or Footlong
4) Cheese & Veggies?
Cheese-Onions, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pickles, Peppers, Olives, Cucumbers, Hot Peppers
5) Which sauce?
Mayonnaise, Mustard,Oil, Vinegar
6) Make it a Meal?
Add chips and a medium drink

Smoked Turkey Sandwich served with coffee by Subway @ RM 5.90
Breakfast made fresh before your eyes. Choose your preference egg and cheese, smoked turkey or tuna and cheese. Add on veggies, pickles and your favorite sauce! Coffee or tea? Pick your drinks!

A rather satisfying breakfast for me! Happy Sunday LS! Heading off to Ipoh for makan trip this evening...Yuhooo~~

To know more about Subway, visit:

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