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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dong Zhi Festival

My blur vision doesn't stop me from celebrating Don Zhi Festival. After 3 years of mourning period on my dearest grandpa's departure, we will be celebrating Dong Zhi Festival this year. But, am not back to home town to celebrate and just the same as last few years, I made my own and invited my friends from outstation and not travelling back home. This year is abit different, it's delivery rather then them coming over as everyone is having a tight schedule.

About Dong Zhi Festival
Dong Zhi literally means the arrival of winter. Dong Zhi Festival also known as Winter Solstice Festival is an important festival where the Chinese family gathered to celebrate the good year they had and welcoming the new year. Dong ZHi normally falls on either 21st or 22nd of December as it is the day when sunshine is at its weakest point with shortest daylight.

About Tang Yuan
During Dong Zhi Festival, the Chinese will make Tang Yuan 湯圓 (Chinese) or Tong Yuen (Cantonese) and eat together among the family members. Tang yuan is made of glutinous rice flour and round in shape and served with sweet soup. Tang means soup in Chinese and Yuan means round, signifying completeness (yuan man) and the word "tang yuan" literally means "tuan yuan" which means family unity & properity. Hence, it's an important festival to celebrate among the Chinese.

However, in another occassion Tang Yuan is eaten during the Lantern Festival, another festival for family reunion but it's seldom practise in Malaysia.

The pink (red) and white mix signifies good luck. However some said, it is made to pink and white as it signifies yin ang yang. Nowadays they even have it in green colours( I don't what does that means...probably it's the modern day version). The bigger ones are tang yuan with filling. Mine is with red bean paste and chopped peanuts with sugar and the smaller ones are the plain tang yuan.

Tang Yuan with filling served with sweet coconut sugar and ginger soup

My version of Hokkien Style Tang Yuen
Recipe by grandma many many years ago. If you asked me if it is delicious, I am sure to say yes as I have been eating this Ah Ma Hokkien style tang yuan for many many years. But ,some first timer find it weird though! ~lol~

Soup base- Garlic, dried shrimps, mushroom and preserved vegetable (tong choy) and add in minced chicken/pork balls. I chosed chicken as my best pal doesn't like pork.

HAPPY DONG ZHI FESTIVAL!!! (belated) Hahahahahaha...


Gary Liew said...

Just dropping by to say Happy New Year to all!!!

LS said...

Happy New Year to you too!! Wishing you all the best....Happy 2009!