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Friday, December 19, 2008

Canton-i 廣東金廚 @ The Gardens

Am busy running from shops and mall to mall to search for a bath tub for my baby. Okay...not my baby, it's Jessie baby.....~lol~ I noticed that, it is always this way.....when I want to buy something eagerly, it's always hard to find and when I don't need it can find it easily!

Anyway, Sam accomapnied me to Mid Valley to see if there is a stock for the baby bath tub I wanted ,but too bad, it's out of stock again. Well, I know there are still a lot of choices but I still want the one~lol~ I bet Jessie likes it too...

It's almost 10 pm by the time I finished looking around in Istean and Robinson, The Gardens, so we looked for a place to dine. It seems like only Canton-I is still crowded and they still welcome us to dine in.

Canton- i @ The Gardens, Mid Valley Megamall

Assorted Roast Meat and Seafood with plain rice @ RM 15.00
I wonder why Sam ordered this???? Doesn't look inviting for me at all. Anyway, he describe dit as horrible!! I tried some and I .........................AGREE!! Hehehehehe.....

Szechuan Style Sizzling Noodles with Seafood @ RM 16.00
It took them quite sometime for them to serve me this plate of noodles as there is only one cook working at that time (according to the person who served us). When I was served with this noodle dish, my first impression is... where is the "sizzling"?? Probably they sizzled it in the kitchen already. Tastewise?? This is not SzeChuan!!! It's obviously stir frying some plump prawns (without prawn taste at all) with tomato sauce and cut chillies! Dissapointing~~~

Steamed Rice Flour Noodle with honey-glazed BBQ pork @ RM 9.80
Finally, there is something better to taste! It's their steamed rice flour noodle more known as chee chueng fun to us. Unfortunately, by the time it is served to us, the dish already turned cold. The cold version of chee cheung fun..........
Flower Tea- Jasmine Faery @ RM 5.00
This flower tea is a hand crafted tea where edible flower are hand tied in a ball of tea leaves. When served, you will notice that the tea leaves and flower slowly open up as if it's blooming like a flower. Taste? Very light...

Ying yong @ RM 5.50
I think Sam did mentioned that this the worst glass of yin yong comparing to other char chan tengs.

Double Boiled Egg and Orange Custard @ RM 8.00
The best food served in this dinner. Freshly made and the waiting time is about 10-15 minutes. Served hot, the eggs were steamed to soft with slight orangy taste. Quite a satisfying dessert!

Am not sure how new is the Canton-i in The Gardens but am sure they have improve much more on their food. Finally, Sam asked me a question like he always do, "will you come again??"..... I looked around and then flipped through their menu once again.... "Yes... probably to try their dim sum!"

Canton-i is under the same management of Dragon-i Restaurant, a restaurant that serves Shanghainese cuisine which and has 9 outlets currently. As for me, foods served by Dragon-i are much better. Hope they won't disappoint me during my next visit!

Canton-i 廣東金廚- Visit:


SoftBunny said...

don't go canton-i in Gardens!!! Very slow service and food is over rated...the dimsum is so so so expensive!

I went there last weekend and there were only a few tables filled with patrons...yet my food (just wanton noodle soup with charsiew and siew yoke) took 30 mins to arrive and my bf's stir fried pork belly took close to an hour to arrive! That 2 plus a non-crispy deep fried silver fish and 2 yin yongs cost us RM70!!! Not worth it at all..!!

LS said... visit was not a satisfacoty one too..just wanna try their dim sum ..