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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Restaurant Inner Mongolia

Slept for long hours and when I woke up....all of the sudden my I craved for spicy food. Something wrong
somewhere and it is already 9 pm. Where to go for spicy soupy food at this hour? To Wen's Chinatown Restaurant again? No no....I want try it at some other restaurant! Decided to try the hot and spicy steamboat
( 麻辣火锅 ) at Restaurant Inner Mongolia.

Restaurant Inner Mongolia, serves steamboat and other ala carte dishes
I guess it's my lucky day. They are extending their earlier promotion until 31/10/08. Blah blah ...I don't know how to read and to lazy to analyze one word by another, all I knew is .....they are having this buffet promotion at RM 33++ per person. Choose the soup base, order the raw ingredients as much as you like and choices of your beverages.
Although, you can order as much as you like....but don't be too greedy, cause as usual all restaurants which serves steamboat buffet do charge certain fees for foods that goes wasted!
Soup base wise, the herbal soup is great in taste and the hot & spicy soup is actually the same soup based as the herbal soup, they added chilly oil, peppers and some other herbs to make this soup. Well, the spicy soup based is definitely not as tasty as spicy as the one served in Wen's Chinatown. The beautiful layer of oil on top of the spicy soup base is as beautiful as the one served in Wen's Chinatown though.

The exotic ingredients of the soup based and the aroma of the soup tantalized my tastebud! A great late dinner~~

290, Ground Floor,
Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2144 9688

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