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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Veg Fish Farm 2 Thai Restaurant 山水菜鱼酒家 @ Hulu Langat

The fish farm isn't anywhere near to my place, been here a few times but it's always crowded and eventually we didn't dine in.

We were early this round, reached around 6 pm or so and there are plenty of unoccupied tables. Finally!!


Mango Sticky Rice @ RM 8.00
I was too hungry and started off with a dessert. A good try indeed. Soft glutinous rice with sweet smelling Thai mango surrounded by a "bath" of coconut milk.

We thought the waiting time would be about 30 minutes or so, but surprisingly food was all served within 15 minutes.


Pakul Belacan @ RM 10.00


Crab curry @ RM 27.50
It's one of the top rank dish, as recommended by the attendant that takes out order. Below my expectations.


Fried Squids topped with salted egg sauce @ RM 15.00
Another recommended dish by the attendant and it fails to satisfy me. *sighs*


Fried Telapia -Thai Style @ RM 24.00
I wanted to have something crispy and crunchy hence suggested to opt for fried fish. Love the taste of munching the fried fish with thai sauce and fresh cut lemon grass- aromatic! But, it's unlikely that you can taste much of the fish flesh.


BBQ Prawns @ RM 15.00
The most preferred dish of the night! No fancy cooking style and yet pleasing enough.

Honestly, I have expected something better. Probably we just placed the wrong order? Seems like everyone's review towards the restaurant is good. Hhhhhmmmm...... Do share your experience with me, if you don't mind.... happy that I visited.

Fish Farm Thai Restaurant
KM4, Jalan Ampang
Hulu Langat, 68000 Ampang
Tel: 017- 2515 235 / 019- 2606 493

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1 comment:

Man Fai said...

Yup... for the crab, you should go for the Grilled Crab.
And no Tomyam soup is bad choice for a Thai restaurant