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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jarrod & Rawlins @ Damansara Heights

I was expecting a bright sunny Sunday morning, apparently, it doesn't seems to be. Anyway, the weather isn't a concern and (only missing part- no alfresco dining ) other than this, I had a splendid breakfast today!

Where? It's: Jarrod & Rawlins- Purveyors of fine food and wine- a cafe, a bar, a restaurant and also a delicatessen!!

What's the order for today? Let's see......


Breakfast sets served with orange juice & coffee


J&R's Egg Benedict "Indulgence" @ RM 28.00
Two soft poached organic eggs with choice of bacon, ham or smoked salmon on toast topped with Hollandaise sauce.


Toast with butter- comes with J&R's Egg Benedict "Indulgence"
Believe it or not? This is good enough to satisfy me! I love bread!! Look at my face, you will know- just like bread *wink*


The combination of the tasty ham and the runny egg yolks is pretty satisfying. Love the ham- it's good!


J&R Fried Breakfast @ RM 28.00
Two organic eggs sunny side up, with sausage, bacon, grilled tomato, hash brown, toast or fried bread. Do visit J&R if you are craving for deli meats-well marinated, perfectly grilled and what else? I shall return for more- probably during happy hour and some finger food? Dinner?? I want it all!!

Gonna cut short with my post- am accumulating more and photos recently. Well, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak- What can I do??

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Jarrod & Rawlins- Purveyors of find food and wine
Damansara Heights
No. 6, Lorong Dungun
Damansara Heights
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2093 0708
Fax: 03-2095 3221

For more information:


For more photos:
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