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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Ship- The Best Steak in Town @ Batu Ferringhi, Penang

The Ship- The Best Steak in Town ??? They used to be good like 7-8 years ago and that was my last visit until the recently. But, this time we visited The Ship at Batu Ferringhi.

We were all excited upon reaching Batu Ferringhi as we were staying at that area. Spotted The BIG SHIP and we decided to dine in.


The Ship- The Best Steak in Town @ Batu Ferringhi, Penang

With all the excitement, we placed our order. And Guess what?? We waited for about 30 minutes or so and soon noticed that patrons that came in later than us are already enjoying their food.

"So Captain!! Where's our food??
"Sorry, my part timer has forgotten to place in your order."

Continue... waiting for another 15 minutes!!
Sis was asking brother in law, why aren't you annoyed and why didn't you complain??
He replied- "We have your sis here, she will do that!! "

And so, here comes our appetizer......


Shrimps Cocktail @ RM 11.90
Basically it's just a few shrimps with thousand island sauce. Nothing special and appetizing though. TGIF's are much better. Anyway, they claimed that they have the best steak in town and not appetizer though.


Seafood Platter @ RM 34.90
Combination of grilled king prawns, fish fillet, grilled squids, fried soft crab and fried scallop served with french fries and mini salad.

This is my order and it's a total disappointment. Not only the salad is mini, everything was mini except for the portion of cheap french fries. Fine! But, the fried soft crab stinks! And I feel like screaming..... hahahahaha...


Grilled turkey ham steak Honolulu @ RM 20.90
Just a piece of thick ham being grilled. Normal, not appealing at all.


Sizzling Chicken Fillet @ RM 22.90
Tender chicken perfectly grilled and topped with gravy served on a sizzling hot plate with french fries and a bowl of salad.
The only order that can be considered indifferent. Not very good, not very bad.


Crispy spring chicken @ RM 22.90
Deep fried whole spring chicken marinated with our chefs special recipe served with french fries and mini salad.

The special recipe is so special that it's tasteless!! Poor sis..... a whole tasteless fried spring chicken is what she had!

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