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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Loong Grill Fish @ NZX Ara Damansara

So, it's weekend.....boring weekend again. I have seen the advertisement for Festive Fun-tasy at Ara Damansara and wanted to pop in and look around. Initially, we wanted to dine at Fullhouse Lifestyle Store & Cafe but it's really Fullhouse. I spotted one restaurant while we drove into the basement carpark which then I suggested that we dine there. And.....................

LS @ Loong Grill Fish Restaurant @ NZX, Ara Damansara
I noticed that our popular local TV food programme naming Ho Chak! had previously featured this place. A restaurant run by two young partners. The two are the chefs of the restaurant as well and the restaurants concept lean towards Chinese Hot Wok Style (Tai Chow).

Japanese Escargots湿奶油日本螺 @ RM 15.00 (S)/RM 25.00 (B)
A signature dish of Loong Grill Fish Restaurant, Japanese Escargots presented in crispy shell, top-hat style. It's creamy and cheesy fried with curry leaves and chillies. A delicious combination or cheese with some spicyness.

Special Mixed Vege 三轮车 @ RM 15.00
The name of the dish describes it well. A special mixed vege where brocolli, cauliflower,carrot, corn, lotus root, celery, sweet pea, button mushroom fried with asparagus,clams,sliced garlic and fried squid. It's aromaticly fried and definitely a good choice of the day!

Herbal Chicken In Aluminium Parcel 锡纸烧鸡@ RM 9.80
A distinguished dish- Chickens are baked to tender with seasonings, goji berry (gei ji), ginger and topped with fried and spring onions. Tasted good!

Hong Kong Crab 避风塘蟹@ RM 13.80/crab (min 2 crabs)
Lastly, here comes the Hong Kong! Perhaps we should go for other cooking style next time. Their most popular crabs dish is the BBQ Crab. Not wanting to try the BBQ style we chosed the Hong Kong Crab which does not pleased me much.

As for drinks, I tried "Seven Up" after reading this The Star's Article pasted on the wall. Am not posting pics for the drinks.

69G, Jalan 1A/41B,
Pusat Dagang NZX PJU 1A,
Petaling Jaya 47301 Selangor M,sia
Tel: 603- 7885 0252
Fax: 603- 7885 0252

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