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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant 紫藤茶原@ The Gardens, Mid Valley

My third visit to this restaurant! Wonder why I have not posted any review earlier? -I lost those pics! Same goes to Delicious Cafe, D'lish Cafe... etc etc... all those pics are gone....

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant by Purple Cane Group, serves light and flavorful tea flavored dishes. Let's see....


Purple Cane Tea Restaurant @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City

Purple Cane Tea Reastaurant by Purple Cane Group a popular Malaysian Chinese tea retailer.


Lotus Root Soup
莲藕茶汤- RM 5.00
Burdock Tea Soup 牛蒡茶汤- RM 5.00
Kutzu Root Soup 粉葛茶汤- RM 5.00
Soup are served in small tea pots, to be sip from the tea cups. Clear and appetizing soup with modest trace of tea flavor in it.A nurturing dish indeed.


Green Tea Rice 绿茶饭@ RM 1.00/ bowl


Homemade Braised Bean curd in Tea Sauce 自制茶豆腐 RM 18.00
Smooth and silky bean curd topped with minced meat serve in light and tasty tea sauce. The preferred dish among all. Simple and pleasing.


Abalone Mushroom with dried chili and tea 宫保鲍鱼姑@ RM 18.00
Tasted good!


Honey Chicken 密汁茶鸡@ RM 18.00
Deep fried, crispy chicken prepared with honey, topped with sesame. Nice!


Spicy Kang Kung @ RM 10.00

The tea art concept is good, pairing tea with food is good too. Although the concept of pairing tea with food is not strongly proven- as in not being able to taste strong tea flavor in every dish, I still like the concept behind! Preparing light and flavorful dishes with tea, less oil, salt, sugar and no artificial flavoring is used.

Sense the flavor and you will find traces of tea in each dish.

Come to think about it, strong tea flavored in every dish, - what's your comment again?

Purple Cane Tea Art Restaurant has it's own typical Chinese mannerisms- worth trying!


Purple Cane Tea Restaurant
Facebook: 紫藤茶原
Lot LG 206, Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 - 2283 6090
Fax: +603- 2283 6093

Other outlets:

The Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
No 1 Jalan Maharajalela
50150 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603- 2272 3090
Fax: +603- 2272 3281

Shaw Parade
Lot LG-02, Ground Floor Shaw Parade,
Changkat Thamby Dollah Off Jalan Pudu
Tel: +603- 2145 3090
Fax: +603- 2145 3093

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Anonymous said...

I have just recently had dinner at the Mid Valley Purple Cane Restaurant. Their service is REALLY BAD!! Today I had dinner there again, my friends and I walked in and choose a table and settled down. We were waiting there and nobody showed us the menu eventhough there wasn't much customers at that time. The waiters are merely just standing there doing nothing or playing with their handphone. Also, we had to request more than 3 times to add some more soup to our "Chic Kut Tea". With such service even how nice is the food, it will make people to reconsider to dine there. Their management should REALLY do some inspection and quality checking on their service!

LS said...

Hi Anonymous,
Apologies for my late reply.

Feel sorry for your bad experience here. You could probably lodge a report to their management through the website.
Yes- I agree with the fact that, with a poor service, we won't enjoy the food!

Good luck to them!