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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Typica 豆原 Cafe @ Shaw Parade

My late discovery! What a waste.... but then again, it's better late than never....

Typica 豆原 , a small cafe uniquely design for comfort, simple and cozy with an inspiring atmosphere, a cafe that warms my heart, indeed!

Typica 豆原 Cafe @ Shaw Parade
Just like welcoming spring, fresh flowers are placed on each table to greet your arrival with pleasure.

Pandan Latte @ RM 12.00
Perfectly brewed with an addition of a distinct pandanus aroma.

Irish Coffee (cold) @ RM 22.00
A cocktail? Basically, it's a mixture of hot coffee with Irish Whiskey and sugar topped with cream. You don't like cream? Don't remove it! The coffee should be drunk through the layer of the cream, for it's originality and best integrity of the mixture. Smooth & aromatic- delightful!!

Lemon Grass Coffee @ RM 12.00
Another freshly brewed with slight addition lemongrass flavor. The aroma of the coffee were well maintain even with the addition of lemongrass flavor. Another different story to tell....

What's next? In house cakes!!

Yam Cake @ RM 10.00
Beautiful piece of yam cake, the cream layer with yam chunks was marvelous!

Mango Delights @ RM 10.00
My favorite fruit- Mango! Mustn't say NO to mango cakes of course! Thumbs up!

Lemon Cheese Cake @ RM 10.00

Black Sesame Cheese Cake @ RM 10.00

Typica 豆原 Cafe serves coffee luwak too! @ RM 180.00 per cup. Came across this coffee from a TV show- Coffee with Moses host by Moses Chan. Pretty much interested with it!

Life is too short to learn every single detail of every little thing. But, then again, I learned something about coffee today! Read this if you are interested....

A popular beverage/drink brewed from coffee bean, a drink with caffeine content that provides short term stimulating effect to human bodies

Coffee beans are roasted seeds of coffee cherries that grows on tree- coffee plants.

Most expensive coffee in the world! Coffee Luwak, are made from coffee beans of coffee berries eaten by a type of cat- known as Luwak (Civet in English). A Civet eats the berries and the beans are collected when it's defecated by the animal. Despite the process of digesting, the beans are kept in shape. Beans collected are wash thoroughly, sun dried, lightly roasted and brewed.

That's about it. Another sharing from me and ...... I heart Typica 豆原 Cafe!

Typica 豆原
GL-08, Ground Floor,
Shaw Parade Plaza,
Changkat Thambi Dollah,

55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:+603 - 2145 0328

Business Hours

Sun-Thurs 11am - 9pm
Fri-Sat 1
1am - 10pm

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