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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Charcoal Steamboat @ Cameron Highlands

What's for dinner at Cameron Highlands? There are many Chinese restaurants at Brinchang town and most of the restaurants serves charcoal steamboat by evening. At noon, these restaurants serves typical Chinese dishes. I had a great vegetable lunch myself and am not posting it as I was too hungry when we reach there- No pictures captured.

Be assured with crowds by night time. Although there are countless (okay... I didn't count) restaurants that serves charcoal steamboat, each of the restaurant are fully occupied.

Charcoal Steamboat with tall funnel
Unlike the steamboat we had in other places, at Cameron Highlands, most of the restaurant serves steamboat with charcoal. Charcoals are lighted and a pot of tasty soups are place on top with a tall funnel in the middle. Having steamboat using electrical pot or gas stove and charcoal is different. Charcoal steamboat does not allow you to adjust the heat setting. The soup keeps boiling all the way and it tends to be more aromatic. I prefer charcoal steamboat with a tall funnel or else you will see glimpse of fire shooting up from the funnel.

@ RM 20 ++ per person

Having steamboat is the perfect option especially at the cooling hill named- Cameron Highland.

Brinchang Town

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chengyk said...

Can i know what is the restaurant name?