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Monday, June 1, 2009

Tapas @ La Bodega Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Tapas? Spanish food anyone? Sentidos @ Starhill serves real good Tapas so is La Bodega too. A brief dinner with some of my colleagues last week and we went to La Bodega Pavilion KL for Tapas.

About Tapas

Tapas are little dishes of Spain serves as appetizer/snacks/finger food before lunch or dinner. These little dishes are prepared in many ways- cold, warm and hot-battered,fried or steamed.

In most of the restaurants, tapas are now served as entire cuisine. Many different types of Tapas are ordered and combined as a full meal.

Little dishes of Spain that we have ordered:




Button mushroom

Butter chicken


Spicy Brinjal


Chicken wings

Overall rating for Tapas: 6.5/10

La Bodega, a cool restaurant and bar to chill out. Beer, wines and of course Spanish Tapas. A perfect place to gather for a drink and some snacks especially Friday nights!

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