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Monday, June 1, 2009

Pick N Brew @ One Utama

Was chatting about coffee with my best pal and I recalled Pick n' Brew. So the next thing we do is to set a date for a visit and that would be on Sunday!

Pick N Brew @ 1 Utama

Potato & Leek Soup
Leek a type of vegetable which belongs along to the garlic and onion generation and potatoes boiled with butter and cream. Soft, rich & creamy.

Penne Carbonara served with beef bacon (opted for chicken ham) in cream sauce @ RM 18.00
The cream sauce taste a little bit different. I bet 3 of us preferred something richer and heavier in taste as this tasted a little bit light for us.

Angel Hair Marinara served with prawn, green mussels, fish & squids in tomato sauce @ RM 22
I had the Angel Hair Marinara and it seems pleasing for me. The Italian tomato sauce used to prepared the plate of spaghetti was great! Seafood served are fresh too!

Grilled Vegetable Ciabatta @ RM 18.00
Ciabatta the Italian white bread filled with zucchini, mushroom, aubergine, tomato, onion, capsicum and ham. We requested the chef to replace the ham with fried eggs and remove the onion as on of the guest of the day is a Vegetarian. Served in big portion. Looks good to me!

Banana Carrot Cake @ RM 9.00
A good piece of aromatic freshly baked banana flavored carrot cake. Wonderful!!

Apple Crumble Cheesecake @ RM 9.00

Apple Souffle @ RM 15.00
I was so excited when I saw "Souffle" in their menu. Too bad this is not the souffle I wanted to try! I wanted to try the baked light and fluffy souffle actually. Anyway, at least I tried something different!! The Apple Souffle by Pick n Brew was good too. Something real fresh in taste! The other smaller dessert is more like a mango mouse.

Cappuccino @ RM 8.00

Peppermint Tea @ RM 9.00

Ice Black Tea with Soda @ RM 8.00

Iced Fruit Tea @ RM 8.00

Pick n Brew Coffee: House selection: Nouvelle (Brazil & Kenya) @ RM 10.00

Here comes my coffee! I was asking for something mild and the attendant recommended Nouvelle. A mixture of Brazil & Kenya coffee that is ~Smooth and mellow accentuated by a citrus-like flavor~ Was too mild for me though. Taste wise- satisfacory.

By the way, does anyone know any places that serves coffee luwak in Malaysia?

Thanks to my fellow friends. Had an awesome time and pleasing lunch at Pick n Brew. What a beautiful Sunday!

Pick n Brew- 1 Utama
F233, First Floor Promenande
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Tel: 03- 7726 0102

For more information, visit:


taufulou said...

the cakes and the cuppercino sure looks good eh~

Jackson said...

Thx for visit!

LS said...

taufulou: the cakes and the cappuccino are marvelous!

Jackson: Will be back! Thanks for dropping by :)