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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

COME ON !!! Sing out loud........

Be it a talent development or an interest for oneself, here is a good news to share with everyone!!

XUAN MUSIC CAFE (KL) welcomes everyone with their newly launched vocal training classes! Hurry, let the others hear the melodious sound of yours!!


训练可以美化你的歌喉,歌声可以美化你的形象,歌唱可以放松你的心情!不必再为歌唱烦恼,不必再犹豫了, 来参加炫歌唱培训班吧。这里专门传授通俗唱法,教您唱好卡拉OK 帮你解决歌唱中的问题,解决跑调等歌唱难题,掌握正确的歌唱方法,提高歌唱水平,让您欢聚时自信的放声歌唱。





Xuan's Vocal Training Class

  • Afraid to sing when you're having karaoke session with your friends?
  • Sing the wrong key and out of tune every time?
  • Sing like William Hung or worst?
  • Preparing to participate in singing competition?

Don't you worry! Come to us and we can solve the problems for you. We'll make you sing like Paul Potts and Susan Boyle or perhaps Mariah Carey and Ronan Keating! We have experienced Vocal Instructor and we will make you shine up on the stage. You'll even have the chance to be our performing artist too. Leave your contact/email, we will get back to you soon!

Xuan Music Cafe

My pieces of thoughts:- Do you know?

The Art & Beauty of singing

Singing makes you happier
Singing is one of the way to soothe your emotion
Singing is one of the way to express yourself
Singing reduces stress
Singing raises self esteem and confidence of oneself
Singing strengthen the memory muscle
Singing improves humans respiratory system

And...... the most important of all!!

Singing is FUN!!

Interested? & What are you waiting for??? .......... Leave me a message & see you there!

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