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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Assam Fish- Brahim's Spicy Tamarind Sauce

Fast & easy way to cook Assam fish without any pounding or grinding in the kitchen.

Brahim's Spicy Tamarind Sauce @ RM 5++
Step 1: Head to the nearest supermarket, buy a packet of Brahim's Spicy Tamarind sauce and any type or your preferred fish. Clean & cut the fish and vegetables( if any).

Step 2: Pour the tamarind sauce into the frying pan and then the vegetables. Stir fry it.

Step 3: Insert the cleaned slices of fish (stingray- my preference). Add in some water, simmer till done.
Step 4: Hard boil 1 or 2 (or as many as you want) salted eggs to go with the Assam Fish. Remember to cook some rice too!

Step 5: Once cooked, place the Assam Fish in a bowl.

Step 6: Tada!!!!!! Start eating, eat as much as you can!

Step 7: Finish eating? Now, wash the dishes

Step 8: Done with the cleaning? Make some drinks then.

Step 9: Time to watch the tv (movie)

Step 10: Time to let the TV watch you. Dozed of Zzzzzzz.........

Okay, that's about it! 10 easy steps for a short evening after work


Taufulou said...

eh, didnt know you can cook..:p

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