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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Belanga @ The Gardens

I was craving for Malay food and I recalled Belanga @ The Gardens. Am not sure what kinda Malay food Belanga is serving but am sure the restaurant definitely serves Malay cuisine. Yummy yummy...... something spicy!!

Belanga (crokery cooking pot) a nice an inviting name indeed! Belanga @ The Gardens serves Kelantanese cuisine with it's very own specalities rarely since elsewhere is Malaysia.

Belanga Restaurant serves varieties of Kelantanese cuisine like Nasi Dagang, Nasi Tumpang & Nasi Kerabu.

Nasi Dagang with currychicken @ RM 11.90
Nasi dagang originating from Kelantan, a Malaysian dish consist of steamed coconut milk rice served with curry (chicken/fish/beef), hard boiled eggs and vegetable pickles.

As simple as the dish is,white rice mixed with brown glutinous rice steamed with coconut milk, blended onions and garlic with spices was excellent. The rice portion was not enough but with the generous portion of the curry chicken, it's extremely filing. Overall rating- Good!

Nasi Kerabu with grill fish @ 10.90
Nasi Kerabu literally known as rice salad, a cuisine from Kelantan too. There are varieties of Nasi Kerabu in Kelantan- white, blue & yellow in color, all prepared in different way.

Nasi Kerabu served by Belanga is Nasi Kerabu Kuning. Rice was prepared with tumeric, herbs and spices. We ordered Nasi Kerabu with grill fish (grill ikan kembong) which is served with watery hot and spicy chilli sauce. Kerabu (salad) are vegetables served green and fresh- daun kesum, bean sprouts, shreded cucumber. Apart from it, keropok ikan, fried desicated coconut with dried shrimps, and half a salted egg are served too. Superb!

Roti Jalan Chicken @ RM 4.90
Roti Jala directly tranlsated to English means "net bread". The bread is prepared using a special ladle with five hole perforation resulting the bread looks like a fish net. The roti crepe was a little dry. Nothing much special about this dish.

Halia Honey @ RM 4.90
Most of the dirnks are not available during out visit. I tired the Halia Honey, thick ginger juice with honey. It's marvelously hot and wakening. Ahhhhh......... thumbs up!

Although most of the items are not available from the menu, the dinner was more than satifactory. If you are craving for Malay Kelantense cuisine, do consider Belanga @ The Gardens!


LG 230B The Gardens,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
Kuala Lumpur


Uncle Lee said...

Hello LS, came by your blog by chance. I was checking out Pulau Ketam for some pictures, and came across your very nice Blog.
Wow, can see you live to eat, ha ha. I eat to live.
Love all the food dishes in your blog. Took me sometime to look thru.

I sure miss nasi dagang. Used to have it on my business trips to East Coast long ago.
Let me know when next you have fish head curry, love that.
You keep well and have a great week, best regards, Lee.

taufulou said...

eh, didnt know that the gardens have this kind of food.
maybe will check it out later.:)

LS said...

Uncle Lee: Thanks for dropping by and the compliments. Have A Wonderful Week too!

Taufulou: mmm.... am more keen to try their Nasi Tumpang but it is serve on Sun, Mon & Tuesday only. Let me know if you try ya!