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Saturday, June 27, 2009

COVA Cafe, Lounge & Bistro @ The Gardens Mid Valley City KL

NOTE: Restaurant cease operation- Updated November 2009

Have been delaying many post. Duhhh...... my busy days gonna end only at the next few months. Well, at least I had a perfect Saturday lunch outing with my close friends last week.

I have been reading good reviews on Cova Cafe, Lounge & Bistro and was quite excited about it. Have not seen any bad reviews anyway and since they do have a few Vegetarian dishes in their menu, I suggested Cova as the venue for lunch this time. How's the lunch?

Carbonara Fettucini @ RM 24.50
I know Carbonara is supposed to be rich and creamy. But this is overly rich and creamy, poor Hui is nibbling at her plate of Carbonara. I bet after a few mouthful of the Carbonara, it makes anyone feeling heavy and over filled like a clumsy elephant! Too salty too. Sorry Hui..... wrong suggestion huh!

Spicy Crab Vermicelli @ RM 27.50
And then, this is What I have ordered, Spicy Crab Vermicelli. Vermicelli?? or Spaghetti? Am confused now. Vermicelli is non pasty isn't it? It's more like spaghetti to me it's soft not al dente enough. Taste wise, it's slightly spice, other than that it's bland. Did not try the soft shell crabs because it's too oily and it's stated in the menu served with "crab meats" and I thought it is served with crab meats(remove from the shell) and not soft shell crabs.

Aglio Oglio @ RM 16.50
We were asking the attendee if they have Vegetarian dishes and we were informed that it has been removed from the menu. My fault! I should have called up to check with them And then, she suggested plain Aglio Oglio. But, why there is onions in it? For Vegetarians, it's not only no meats, it should be no onions, no garlic too....Are you aware of it?

Nasi Ulam Cova @ RM 17.50
For this? Mr. Give me Beer excitedly ordered a glass of Kilkenny to go with his plate of Nasi Ulam Cova and both turned out to be .................See comment card below!

After having our lunch, my turn to choose some desserts- cakes I mean! Yay! Yay!... I have chosed:

Tiramisu @ RM 15.50
Just like any other Tiramisu. Beautifully baked, simple and fresh. My first time trying Tiramisu with sponge fingers.

Apple cheese cake @ RM 15.50
The most cheerful piece of cake during out lunch. Seems like everyone likes it. Fresh Apple cheese cake with chocolate base topped with apple and it's puree sprinkled with grounded peanuts. Complex combination of sweet, sour and chocolaty taste that charms everyone- Must try!

Nice hand writing?? Not mine!

Overall experience at Cova- so-so only. Could be better! Should be better too!

COVA Cafe, Lounge & Bistro
226B, 1st Floor, The Gardens Midvalley City,

Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200
Tel: 03- 2287 6260 Fax: 03- 2287 6270


R.JS said...

Lu, vermicelli is actually beehoon, & it definitely does not look like that (you're right, that's spaghetti - vermicelli is a type of noodle, not pasta).

LS said...

Thanks R.JS... I knew I was right! Hehehe... Thanks for visiting my blog too :)