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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Malacca Food -Limau Limau Cafe @ Jonker Street, Melaka


Wandering along Jonker Street, you will come across Limau Limau Cafe. A cafe that serves perfect shakes, drinks and dessert. So, it's not only cendol that you can try along Jonker Street.

Limau Limau Cafe @ Jonker Street, Melaka
A quaint old shop cum cafe selling decorative lamps, aromatheraphy candles and insence. Besides selling decorative items, the cafe serves fresh and toothsome dessert. Artistic and stylish, a creatively decorated cafe that provides a comfortable environment for one to enjoy their food & beverages.

Ice Mocha @ RM 7.90
Thick mocha topped with smooth ice cream. Cold, sweet and strongly flavored.

Choc + Banana Sundae @ RM 9.50
Sundae topped with chocolate chips and banana. A rich and irresistable dessert!

The cafe is special as most of the desserts and drinks consist of fresh fruits. You might want to try their sandwiches, ciabatta bread, spagethi, lagasne and home cooked soup too. Indulge yourself with toothsome drinks and dessert here!!


Limau Limau Cafe
No 49 Jalan Hang Jebat 75200 Melaka
No.9 Jalan Hang Lekiu 75200 Melaka
Tel: 012- 698 4917


Anonymous said...

Hi .. nice post ..

I visited Jonker Street last December and I was staying in the middle of Jonker Street (Number Twenty One). The street is amazing and the food is so nice. Among all the shopping street in Malaysia, I love Jonker Street .. a perfect place for shopping and food ..

I have posted few pictures of Jonker Street on my blog as well:

Have Fun Everybody!

LS said...

Hi Nowal, am great that you were happy with your visit.

Thanks for visiting! Hope I will be able to get more updates on Malacca soon!