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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Penang Food -Exploring Gurney Drive, Penang

If your trip to Penang is short and yet you would like to try most of the Penang cuisine, there are two hawker corner that you should visit- the hawker stalls @ Off Macalister Road (near Sunway Georgetown Hotel) and Gurney Drive- MUST VISIT!

We popped in Gurney Drive for dinner the next day!

About Gurney Drive
Gurney Drive, also known as Persiaran Gurney is a popular a coastline stretch located in Georgetown, Penang. Gurney Drive was previously known as North Beach and it's named after Sir Henry Gurney, a British official who was assassinated by communist during Malayan Emergency. At Gurney Drive, there is a famous hawker stalls area with array of authentic Penang dishes. What are the famous food that one should try?

Pasembur stall @ Gurney Drive

Pasembur- A Malaysian Indian salad/rojak

About Pasembur
A Malaysia Indian salad, a famous dish in the Nothern Region of Peninsular Malaysia- Penang. Pasembur consist of shreded turnip, cucumber, prawn fritters, fried tou fu, fried crabs, fried sotong ( pick your preference) and lastly topped with sweet and spicy nutty sauce.

Anjung Gurney Stall 84

Fried Oyster by Anjung Gurney Stall 84
Ordered to taste, the fried oyster are similar to Malacan style fried oyster. Fried oyster, known as O-jien in Hokkien (the most used dialect in Penang) served by Stall 84 are delicious. It's fragantly fried with well proportioned of starch and egg mixture and generous portion of oyster.

Cantonment Road Fried Char Koay Tiow by Stall 107
Owner Kam Teik Beng aka Ah Meng has been frying flat noodles since 1950's. Ah Meng and his brother Ah CHoy used to run the Char Koay Tiow business together at the junction of Cantonment Road and Gurney Drive, unfortunately Ah Choy was unable to continue his business due to poor health. Now, Ah Meng fries alone at Gurney Drive with his family member's assistant.

Char Koay Tiow (Fried flat noodles) by Stall 107
Tasted different with the one we had at Jalan Selamat but it's delicous too. Aromatic and spicy, fragantly fried with duck egg, prawns and bean sprouts. Thumbs up!

Asam laksa? No I didn't try it.........There are still alot of Penang delights that one can try here! Am full now, but it's time to get some snacks to enjoy at hotel after Feringghi walk!

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