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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cupcakes by Datin Mary Zain

Looks good, too good to be eaten.....!! Take a bite and you will love it! Exquisite beautiful cupcakes that melts one's heart, suitable for all events- valentines, anniversary, birthday and wedding. A sweet and lovely gift that definitely will brighten your love ones.

This is a gift but not a Valentine's gift. A sweet gift from the one who own this business, my close friend's sis. Visited my dear friend the other day, Congratulations her and her family, she has given birth to a sweet princess! Yes....Princess Iris!!

I was then, given a sweet gift too.....and I was wondering why didn't I post this much earlier, then, I look for older photos and decided to post about it.


Valentines Cupcakes by Datin Mary Zain
March 2008

Wedding Cupcakes by Datin Mary Zain
My dear friend's wedding, cupcakes were given to guest as a table gift during the wedding ceremony. A good idea for table gifts other than chocolates (the most common gift). As for me, the combination of red and white decoration of the cupcakes brings the meaning of inspired love and affection! Planning for your wedding? This is a good idea!!

October 2007

Hari Raya cupcakes by Datin Mary Zain
Back then I visited my dear friend during Hari Raya, cupcakes was one of the sweet dessert offered to guest as well! Ahh... that's me posting with the lovely cupcakes!

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cupcakes by datin maryzain said...

thank you darling for the free promo:)

kak inn

Lushia said...

:) Thanks for all the cupcakes too!!

Cath0728 said...

the cupcakes looked so nice!!
Is it available for sale??
It would be nice if I can buy some for my fren's birthday ^^

Lushia said...

Hi Cath0728,
Yup the cupcakes not only looks good and tempting, taste wise is good too. Perhaps, for further inquiries, please visit

Anonymous said...

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LS said...

Hi "Anonymous"... Thanks for the compliment.. Have A Good Day! :D