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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Penang Food -Exploring Gurney Drive, Penang

With so many stalls at Gurney Drive, with so many choices, I am tempted to pack some snacks back to hotel. Seems like it's hard to choose as display from each stall makes me drool

And I..................... still remember the famous Mua Chi stall.

Ma Zhi Stall 43

Ma Zhi by Stall 43 @ RM 2.00 (B) & RM 1.50 (S)
Sticky rice dough/ glutinous rice dough are fresh and springy. Topped with peanuts, sugar and sesame seeds. You may opt to topped your ma zhi with fried onions too. The starts operating from 5 pm to midnight and closed on every Wednesday.

Sotong Bakar Stall 68

Sotong bakar (Roasted/grilled dried squids) by Stall 68 @ RM 5.00
The flattened dried squids are gently roasted over charcoal fire until crispy and aromatic. It is served with sweet and spicy sauce. Ahh...... a delicious snack! To eat with hot coffee or beer? Which is better?

Good night!

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