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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Khantoke dinner @ Chiang Mai

After Doi Suthep, the kind and understanding tour guide send us back to check in our hotel. Yea... we were all tired actually.

Feeling refresh after a bath, off we go to Khantoke for dinner!


Khantoke Palace @ Chiang Mai


Khantoke is actually a dining style. The meal is served on a wooden pedestral tray call "Khantoke", and the dishes are all authentic northern Thai delicacies.

Banana fritters were served before meal as appetizer and a bowl of clear chicken soup was served after that. And then a large wooden tray with bowls of Northern Thai delicacies were served.
  • a bowl of fresh vegetables,
  • a bowl of fried chicken,
  • a bowl of mix vegetables,
  • a bowl of pounded green chillies,
  • a bowl of crispy pork skin,
  • a bowl of stewed pork belly with peanut and tamarind sauce,
  • a bowl of minced pork tomato paste
  • a bowl of pumpkin fritters
All of the above are a fixed in a set and can be refill upon request. A simple and appetizing meal.


While enjoying our meal, there are performances of Thai classical dance and music. After the meal, sweet crispy rice and choice of coffee and tea will be served. There will be 9 dances and shows perform daily. Be entertained!

Due to time constraints and tiredness, we left after a few shows, the tour guide send the other family to the night market then us to our hotel as 2 of us ain't feeling well.

Thanks to our tour guide Xiao Yang, he sent us to the hospital opposite our hotel and helped us out.

Next day will be more interesting!

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