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Monday, October 11, 2010

Chiang Mai Trip to Laos- right across the river!

After lunch at on of the local restaurant situated along Mekong River, we headed to Chiang Saen. The tour guide informed us that there are optional tours to Laos and Myamar with extra fees to be paid - if we are interested or
else we will just take a boat trip along Mekong river without stopping at Laos.

Optional tours:

To Laos- 400 Baht/ person
To Myanmar- 1500-2000 Baht/ person

We wanted to go for both but the other group prefer travelling back to Chiang Mai for shopping, hence all of us agreed to go for the Laos tour only. A little disappointed, since we were already there, why not???

Well, at least they agreed on the Laos trip!


Golden Triangle Intersection- Mekong River & Kong River


A boat trip along Mekong river then to Laos. It's just right across- you can swim across if you would like to.....


Chiang Saen Buddha - The Golden Buddha sitting on a man made ship- Love this pic!


Welcome to Dan Sao, Laos


It's a very small village with stalls selling souvenirs; alcohols and cigarettes. Nothing much to see here, had a drink here and walk around - that's it!

We spent about an hour here and then headed off to Mae Sai.

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