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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Delights of Gurney Drive @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City- Revisit

A great catch up with Dior. She is back from Shanghai for a month bringing back a good news to me too. Am glad that she has finally decided to quit her job and move back to Malaysia. Dior was craving for some local food and since we met at The Gardens, we have decided to have our dinner at Delights of Gurney Drive.

A restaurant that I have covered earlier in January 2009 - Delights of Gurney Drive @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City

Lor bak
It's rather rare to find delicious lor bak in KL/PJ. Agree or not agree? Or do you have any suggestions for me? Well, I found one at Delights of Gurney Drive. Fresh and tasty not like those you find in the hawker stalls.

Char Kuey Tiow (Fried Flat Noodles)
Although not the same as the famous Char Kuey Tiow @ Lorong Selamat, Penang but Char Kuey Tiow @ Delights of Gurney Drive has its own character too. Fragantly fried over high heat wok with prawns and cockles. Smells good..... taste good too!

Curry Noodles
The presentation of the curry mee grabbed my atention. Noodles served in coconut milk and a portion of spicy sambals (chilly paste). Thick and spicy curry gravy but too oily. Taste of the curry ? Appealing!

Ahhh... I have lost the receipt but food here is not expensive at all and yet delicious. Thumbs up for their good service and comfortable environment too.


Delights of GURNEY DRIVE
Lot T-201, Level 3,
The Gardens,
Mid Valley City
Tel: 03-2287 6861

Business Hours: Daily, 10am to 10pm


taufulou said...

eh, i did walk across that area a couple of times..but then i was from pg never thought of trying there..

since your review is good,
would give it a try then..:)

LS said...

well.... food served here is pleasing! the only thing missing, is the hawker stall environment! But then it's good also... cause it's air conditioned ...hehehehe..