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Sunday, May 3, 2009

La Bodega @ Pavilion KL

So what's for breakfast on the 18th week of year 2009? Another breakfast sharing for everyone.....

La Bodega @ Pavilion KL by Gastrodome
Gastrodome is a restaurant operator since 1999. Restaurants that are manage by Gastrodome includes 6 La Bodega restaurants and bars in KL, Telawi Street Bistro and also Ozmosis. And, La Bodega @ Pavilion KL is the outlet that I have picked to do breakfast this week, as it is one of the outlet that starts operating at the earliest time which is from 7 a.m. But, breakfast sets are available only from 9 am to 3 pm.

Settling my eyes at the breakfast section of the menu, I came across a number of breakfast selection. Menu looks quite confusing though. Hmmm.... La Bodega serves:
  • "BIG" breakfast
  • English breakfast
  • Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on toast
  • Eggs benedict
  • Home made toast
  • Continental breakfast
  • French toast
  • Pancakes
  • Strawberry banana crepe
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Muesli
English Breakfast @ RM 27.00
"BIG" breakfast is too big so we opted for English breakfast and the allows us to try something elses later. As for English breakfast, it is serve with a slice of home made toast, a glass of fruit juice and a cup of coffee with two farm eggs- cooked to order (your prefered way of eggs being cooked) and choose any 2 items from beef bacon, smoked chicken ham, chicken sausages, sauteed mushroom, grilled tomato, baked beans or has browns.

Like the chewiness of the sausages and the smoked chicken ham were well preserved and then grilled to perfection. Aromatically saltish and flavorful!

A glass of guava juice included in English breakfast set
Any juice and you name it! As long as is is available- Orange, Apple, Carrot, Guava, Watermelon etc.

A cup of Cappuccino included in English breakfast set
Coffee included in English breakfast set are coffee by Illy caffe. Same old cappuccino is what we had. Besides cappucino, selections available are Espresso, Machiato, Americano, Long black, Mini Latte, Double espresso, Caffe Latte and ....... more....

Eggs benedict @ RM 15.00
For the next set of breakfast, I ordered Eggs Benedict - two poached eggs on toast served with smoked chicken ham and hollandaise sauce. Hollandaise sauce, something new for me this time. It's creamy with strong butter taste and slightly sour but good!

Caffe Latte @ RM 10.00
Drinks are not included in the Eggs Benedict breakfast set, Ordered a caffe latte to go with it!

So, would you do your breakfast at La Bodega on the 19th week of Year 2009? It's a good one.....breakfast was good and I totally buy the environment here!

Wonderful Sunday Morning!!


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taufulou said... favourite hang out area for friday nite

didnt know they serve nice breakfast~

Lushia said...

Good that you like this place too.. only certain outlets serve breakfast.It's a good try for me..hehe

Senthamil said...

Saw all the pic from La Bodega looks delicious. Which one is the preferred menu?

LS said...

Hi Senthamil, myself preferred their breakfast set. Tried their Tapas just nice! My preference- for Tapas Sentidos @ Starhill!