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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Murtabak @ Victory Arab Street, USJ 9

While waiting for my turn to do hair @
ShearXXposure Hair Art, I walked over to Restaurant Victory for some food. Yes! Murtabak to fill my stomach before dinner!

About Murtabak
Murtabak is a dish originated form India or probably originated from Middle East and brought to India. This dish is known as Murtabbaq in Saudi Arabia, meaning "folded" in Arabic. In Malaysia, this dish is normally served by the Mamak and commonly found in Mamak tea stalls or night markets.

Murtabak is made of folded flat bread wrapped with minced beef/chicken/sardine. The minced beef and chicken are normally marinated and cooked with curry.

Restaurant Victory Arab Street @ USJ 9/5Q

Murtabak with minced chicken by Restaurant Victory Arab Street
Thin and crispy flat bread wrapped with minced curry chicken cooked with onions and garlic . Murtabak is served with curry gravy and dhall. A highly pleasing snack!

Murtabak Prices
  • XS- RM 5.00 (Meat)
  • S- RM 6.00 (Sardine)
  • S- RM 7.00
  • M- RM 10.00
  • L- RM 12.00
  • XL- RM 15.00
  • Special XL- RM 18.00

Address & Contacts of Restaurant Victory Arab Street

So it's mid noon and you don't know what to have for tea time? Here is the place............

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