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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aliaa Seafood/Aliaa Nasi Kukus @ R&R Awan Besar, Kesas Highway

After ordering some satays, we walked around and noticed Aliaa Seafood with a banner hanging on the wall, Aliaa Nasi Kukus. The queue was long but we did placed our order. It's alright, we can wait while enjoying our satays..

About Nasi Kukus

Nasi kukus literally means steamed rice in English. Nasi kukus is believed to be originated from Northern part of Malaysia (Terenganu & Kelantan). Rice are placed in an aluminum bowl and steamed till cooked. The result of the cooked rice would be perfect in grain texture, light and fluffy and the shape of each cooked rice curls abit at the end.

Nasi kukus (steamed rice) is to be eaten with varieties of Malay dishes/cuisines like ayam goreng berempah, vegetables, fish, meats and curries.

Aliaa Seafood/ Aliaa Nasi Kukus @ R&R Awan Besar, Kesas Highway

Steamed rice and simple Malay dishes by Aliaa Seafood
Rice are placed in an aluminuum bowl and then steamed till ready to served. There are only limited selection of dishes served by Aliaa, which is:

RM 5.00: Nasi Kukus- Ayam Goreng Berempah ( Fried chicken)
RM 6.00: Nasi Kukus- Ikan Bakar ( grill fish- chooses your preferd fish)
RM 6.00: Nasi Kukus- Daging (meat dishes)
RM 2.00: Nasi Kukus sahaja (only steamed rice)
RM 3.00: Ayam Goreng Berempah sahaja (only fried chicken)
RM 4.00: Ikan bakar sahaja (only grill fish)

Cheap isn't it? How about the food? Ordered the Steamed rice with grilled fish..

Steamed rice (Nasi Kukus) is served with sambal belacen, chili padi in soy sauce and crunchy bean sprouts with tumeric and curry gravy on top. Love the curry gravy, it's aromatic and eating the rice with curry gravy and sambal belacan itself is already great enough.

Grilled stingray
The sting ray was wrapped with banana leaves and then grilled. The chilli paste was added in later. The chilli paste was good too. Yummy........

Seeking for something hot and spicy?


Aliaa Seafood/ Aliaa Nasi Kukus
Stall AB-1
R&R Awan Besar
Lebuhraya Shah Alam (Kesas Highway)


foodbin said...

the nasi kukus and the side dishes looks spicy and appetizing

taufulou said...

hermm...looks good eh~

LS said...

Ya..... looks good..taste good! Cheap too.. heheheh..

Anonymous said...

have you tried the nasi kukus at the MALL on the fourth floor.You might be surprised.BaDMen

GilaMakan said...

Know what?tasted the nasi kukus at the MALL.They were at Marinara at one should see the crowd then..Then it seems they moved to City Sq and did good there too.Word went out that this is the best nasi kukus ever.Now they are at the MALL..why?City Sq was torn down to make way for a new building.Yeh you are right..the nasi kukus is really good.Try it!!!

Oghre Klate said...

When you want to try nasi kukus make sure it is the original dish not mish mash with other dishes.The contents of nasi kukus?Let me try the MALL first and I'll tell you..Mall here I come

LS said...

Hi Guys..... sorry for the late reply. Seems like the Nasi Kukus at the MALL is a good one! Thanks for the recommendation! Will definitely try out!