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Monday, July 14, 2008

Bar.b.q Plaza

Can you recognized the cute dino/crocodile logo? Is it a dinosaur or a crocodile standing up with two legs introducing you to Bar.b.q PLAZA? Am not so sure.... Bar.b.q Plaza serves a fusion of Mongolian and Korean "DIY table top cooking meal". Their menu offers fresh ingredients with a secret brown sauce from Thailand.My first visit makes me wonder why the waiters and waitresses wished us "Sawadee-ka/krap" upon entering the outlet??? Then only I found out it is actually a Thai owned franchise restaurant.

This is how you cooked your meal.....there is a brochure place on the table providing instructions on how to cook the meal. All the ingredients served are not marinated to maintain the original taste of the food when it is cooked. I wouldn't say it's really good, cause I still prefer our local steamboat which is not so healthy though, just that Bar-b.q Plaza style of steamboat is more health conscious and cleaner. Didn't keep the receipt and lost the brochures I have taken for blogging purpose..... can't provide much info here..

Very often I see a long queue waiting for their turns to have their meal, when Bar.b.q Plaza was first opened in Sunway Pyramid but now Bar.b.q Plaza now has several outlets in Klang Valley, so Pyramid is not the only place you can visit but then again I visited the Sunway Pyramid outlet, address as below.


Bar-b-q plaza

Lot 35 & 36,
Lower level 2,
Sunway Pyramid (old wing).

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