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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Porridge @ Chop Sam Guan, Jalan Jawa Off Jalan Bunga Raya Malacca

Should you be travelling to Melaka/Malacca, make visiting vintage restaurants or coffees shops your top must do’s as far as savoring local delicacies are concerned.

Looking for a quick and yet appetizing lunch? Have a look here!

Bunga Raya_00A

Porridge lunch @ Chop Sam Guan, Jalan Jawa Off Jalan Bunga Raya Melaka/Malacca offers a variety of tasteful side order dishes.

Bunga Raya_00B

Sweet potato porridge and rice with asam pedas fish gravy.

Bunga Raya_00C
Bunga Raya_00D

A medley of small appetizing side dishes we chose- fried prawns with chilli paste, steamed salted vegetables, stir fried chicken with coffee, soup of the day (FOC), asam pedas (sourish and spicy tamarind soup) stingray, braised eggs and fried firm tofu, pork intestine and fried spicy clams. All tastefully prepared! Another bowl of porridge, please?

Enjoyed the lunching session here! One word of advice, do not leave Malacca without trying out the good.


Jalan Jawa,
Off Jalan Kee Ann (Bunga Raya)

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