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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hing Loong Taiwanese Noodle @ Jalan Bachang, Malacca (Melaka)

Malacca-Heaven of Food!!

Hing Loong Taiwanese Noodle a restaurant with more than 30 years of history that serves irresistible pork rib noodles and spicy beef noodles.


Late afternoon-Tables are still fully taken, one unoccupied table- I have just left!


Fried pork ribs- Well marinated, crispy & aromatic- Thumbs up!


Fried pork ribs served with soya noodles. Add in some spicy soy bean paste provided- delicious!


Spicy stewed beef noodles-Simply pleasing!


Spicy soup stewed beef noodles
My brother loves their beef noodles so much! He finished the soup- I bet it must be good!

Price? It's reasonable. Funny, I have been there uncountable times, and yet I don't know how much they charged per bowl. Eat lah!!


Hing Loong Taiwanese Noodle
No. 11-J, Jalan Bachang,
75300 Melaka

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