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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bumbu Desa @ The Curve

Bumbu Desa, one of the Indonesia's leading restaurant is now here @ The Curve!

Was at The Curve to meet one of my friend for lunch last Sunday. We were strolling down "The Street" and the crowd at Bumbu Desa caught my attention!

Took a quick glance and saw a notice stand placed near the food display island. It indicates that the restaurant served ala carte dishes and it's not a buffet system.

I guess the food displayed at the island cabinets has given patrons the wrong idea that it is a buffet. As for me, the restaurant is kinda like a "medium to high end" mixed rice restaurant to me. Am pleased with their dishes and I revisited the restaurant the next day itself.

Bumbu Desa @ The Curve
Bumbu desa serves Sunda (Western Javanese), Padang & Melayu Cuisine. Dishes are displayed on an island, with a small indication card with a brief description of the dish. Picks your favorite/preferred dish and after frying/cooking or reheating, food will be served shortly.

Nasi Lewit
Traditional Sunda steamed rice (steamed with coconut milk and anchovies) and then served with fried anchovies. Appetizing!

Ayam Pop @ RM 7.90
Ayam Pop, one of the chicken dish believed to be originated from Padang, Indonesia. A dual process dish, the chicken was first steamed and then sauteed.
I have ordered another chicken dish- Ayam Bumbu Desa but missed taking picture of it.

Like the tenderness of the chicken, taste wise- pleasing!

Fried Talapia @ RM 16.90
Well marinated deep fried talapia. Crispy and crusty and yet juicy! Goes well with the sambal paste!

Vege @ RM 4.90

Kailan @ RM 4.90

Gulai Daun Singkong @ RM 4.90
Simmered kale leaf in coconut milk with and spice. Not as appealing as described.

Paku Pakis @ RM 4.90
The word "Paku pakis" always reminds me of the plant we used to learn during in school. Gulai Paku, also sometimes known as Gulai Pakis is a vegetable dish that originated from the Minangkabau ethnic, Indonesia.
Gulai Paku Pakis served in sweet and sourish broth, tasted ordinary.

Chilli paste @ RM 2.50
My favorite of all!! Ended up with red and thicker lips after this!

Cucumber Ice @ RM 5.90
Blended ice cucumber with lime juice, a popular drink among the Achehs. A little cooling effect for me after the meal.

Nothing extraordinary, just another dining experience to share. Am not concluding anything.... but will definitely return (but not so soon) to try other dishes! Food displayed like a buffet spread is so tempting! You might be attracted too.....




Bumbu Desa
Lot G-49, PSN Surian
The CUrve Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03- 7729 4612


Fraulein said...

Have to pay RM2.50 for the chilli sauce??

Alia B said...

my fav. restaurant in Bandung is finally here in Malaysia. I will fly to KL next month and eat at Bumbu Desa!!! :) Sunda Dish is the best. I dont like Nasi Padang so when I found Bumbu Desa, I fell in love. I eat there everyday when im at Indonesia.

LS said...

Fraulein- Yes I paid for it =D

Alia- Good to hear that you enjoy Sunda dishes..

Have A Great Day- both of you!