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Friday, March 5, 2010

Japin 绝 品 @ Sungei Wang Plaza

The worldwide known Japanese noodle dish, ramen is believed to be originated from China and reached the Japanese culture later on. Although ramen originates from China, there are countless variations of ramen in Japan. The noodle dish is served in a meat/fish broth and normally topped with sliced pork/pork cubes.

Besides Ajisen ramen, JAPIN is my favorite spot for ramen. The restaurant was opened in year 2009 at Sungei Wang Plaza after the Lower Ground floor is renovated. I used to have ramen for lunch but too bad, we moved out (office) from the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur area already. Doesn't matter anyway...I revisited JAPIN!!

JAPIN @ Sungei Wang Plaza

TANTANMEN @ RM 12.80 (set @ RM 14.60 served with salad and green tea)
Spicy Soup with minced por. Do request for the minced pork to be served separately to have a better taste of it!

Kakuni Japin Ramen @ RM 15.80 (set @ RM 17.60 served with salad and green tea)
Stewed pork with sweet and saltish -soya sauce rich soup based served with soft boiled egg. The soft boiled egg is known as Ajiatama egg, a seasoned boiled egg. The egg yolk is still is sort of soft and runny.

Japin do served Ajitama as a side dish- if you would like to taste more of it!

Geki Kara Ramen @ RM 12.80 (set @ RM 14.60 served with salad and green tea)
My all time favorite choice of ramen!! Why?? Because it's extra spicy! Ramen served in spicy soup base top with few sliced pork.

Kimuchi Ramen @ RM 12.80 (set @ RM 14.60 served with salad and green tea)
Ramen served with kimchi and pork. Not so spicy though but still, satisfying!

Craving for ramen? Try Japin!

Japin 绝 品
Unit No34, Concourse Floor,
Sungei Wang Plaza

Become a fan of Japin/for more information:!/pages/Japin/175354900543


taufulou said...

the ramen looks good!~

LS said... sorry for my late reply...
Yes- it's good!