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Friday, December 25, 2009

Big Nose Restaurant @ Kuchai Entrereneur's Park

The name of the restaurant itself caught my attention-Big Nose Restaurant! Not only I am interest to join the crowd at the restaurant for dinner but also to see how big is the owner's nose!

Big Nose Restaurant @ Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park

Fried vegetables- 4 types of beans (四大天王)

Salted Vegetable with Duck Soup
A simple, light and yet delicately tasty bowl of double boiled salted vegetable with roasted duck soup. In fact, the tender roasted duck intensifies the bowl of soup... it's good!

Claypot Beancurd with Roasted Pork
Fried bean curd and roasted pork with mushroom and thick sauce-what do you think? Sharp in taste and simply pleasing.

Steamed Patin Fish
And lastly, the signature dish of Mr. Big Nose's restaurant- steamed river fish. We ordered patin fish also known as silver catfish is a pretty oilish (but not oily) fish but with fine texture. Steamed with light soy sauce, nice and pleasing!

Food is pleasing but quite pricey! I have lost the receipt and name card, can't provide much info here, but it is easy to locate- if you would like to visit!


Big Nose Restaurant @ Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park


alan said...

so how big is the owner's nose?

LS said...

Big lo... hahahaha...