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Friday, May 2, 2008

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant, Telok Gong

If you have been staying in KL or PJ for quite sometimes, or perhaps if you are a local, I am sure you have been made known to this place by your friends or relatives. I was brought to this place few years back by my sister for seafood. The restaurant's name is Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant. So, why coconut flower? Well, it's because this place is also famous with its toddy servings/palm wine which in mandarin we called it as 椰花酒。If directly translated into English, 椰= Coconut and 花= Flower, which also bring the meanings of toddy, as toddy are fresh juice obtained from the blossom of the coconut, palm or sugar-palm, which can be made into sugar or the said palm wine. And maybe this is the reason why this restaurant is nestled in a coconut plantation.

I dont like toddy! Although I drink, but it smells bad for me....but I do have friends who really likes toddy!

Well, what about their seafood? If you want to try cheap seafood which taste just nice, perhaps this is the place where you can visit. The Lala Fried Mihun is one of their signature dish which only cost RM 6.00. My favorite dish, fried Kang Kung Belancan turns out to be the worst I have ever tried! But, thumbs up for their Assam Squid and their Fired Oyster with Eggs in Pan....oysters were delicious! Both cost only RM 13.00 & RM 9.00 respectively. well-liked seafood....yummy yummy...their sweet sour crabs were tasteful but a bit oily, and too bad crabbies turned out to be small in sizes.....

I am a person who likes to for me, I still prefer seafood in Tanjung Harapan which is located in Klang's North Port! However, Coconut Flower Seafood restaurant is still worth a try!


702,Jalan Udang Galah,
Kampung Teluk Gong,
42000, Port Klang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan



team bsg said...

Hi ! at one time we purposely drive from Pj to this place to drink toddy ! Wonder how's the place today ?
used to have 6 shops here .then very packed but we heard business dwindling

Lushia said...

OOopps...I just realised I have not reply to team bsg. I visited this restaurant on 1st May, it's a public holiday and it's so crowded. Am not so sure if it is the same during other days :)