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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jacky's Nasi Lemak Cafe (CLOSED)

Was here last try out the newly opened cafe. Didn't know this cafe is located near the place I am staying.

Each time when we are out for a meal, we start asking each other "what to eat tonight?" I was very busy last week, so is Hui as who else to decide what to eat tonight?Hahahahaha....
Of course not Hui or me that decide....this time is Ah Shyong! He suggested that we had our meal here as he read it in the newspaper earlier that introduces Jacky's Nasi Lemak Cafe.

Mmmm.... servings are just normal for me but they said it's not bad.Perhaps, it's my mood that spoils my appetite again. But the onion rings is superb!

Updated 2008- Cafe closed


sanshyong samlee said...

why call me ah shyong:(

Lushia said...

You are Ah Shyong so call you Ah Shyong la.....aberthen......